2014/ present 

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Allegories & Metaphors

2015/ present

Squares & Stripes

2012 / present

Floral collages reconstructing and reinvigorating old synthetic plants and flowers in to enchanting landscapes. Like a garden refusing to die, bloom is now permanent. Transformation of plastic, paper and foam materials  into an aesthetic composition.  The mix and match faux botanical elements create an intriguing relationship. Synthetic flowers and plants of their various materials, such us fabrics, plastic, silk are taken away from usual format and are placed on canvases. The color of the artworks differs from the natural environment. Faux flowers are chosen because of durability and the capacity to accept dyes and acrylic paint. I incorporate mainly non-botanical replicas and assembles them with a variety of his own materials. A piece of plastic branch, a stone out of foam, or a leaf out of paper are painted with acrylic colors.

New Artworks



Enchanting flora    2018/ present


Pen and Acrylic on paper 

8 x 10 inches

​My acrobats are, performers, dancers, clowns, tumblers who offer circus like acting entertainment with their amazed abilities. Are faceless round exaggerated in volume creatures characterized by their chess uniforms.

Acrylic on paper & canvas

Moving beyond the obvious of the Barnett Newman zip and Josef Albers squares, the creation of the present artworks is based on the concept to coney thematic ideas beyond color observation. Analyze, evaluate and synthesize color as a higher order of thinking. The rectangular format composition is repeated in order to evoke different moods and visual effects through the contrast, hue and tone of colors. 

Zeus Proton nectar cup
After the great mythological flood on earth and the retreat of the waters, Zeus climbing on Mt. Olympus discovered the first (Proton) pure gold nectar cup by a river.

Dionysos Akratos cup
The immortal god Dionysus after the first grape harvest on earth celebrated ecstatic with a pure golden cup the creation of wine (Akratos).

Gold as a precious metal dazzled the eyes and embodied the most secret and mysterious elements literally and metaphorically. The ancient Hellenic gods with their mythology and in connection with the eternal elements of gold reflect purity and immortality. The intention of the artist is to maintain organic shaped artworks simulating the past beyond human intervention and go back to the origin of pure earthy creation. The present prototype artwork is modeled  in acrylic plaster.

CRYSOMATA   Gilding waste  2019

Waste materials of paper, plastic, foam etc. are reconstructed to a various 3D shapes and painted gold.

Pen and Acrylic on paper 

9 x 11 inches

Both the allegory and metaphor are combined in order to create two or more  unrelated ideas in an artistic concept transforming images and symbols to a simple contemporary expression.

Ancient classical elements are mixed with contemporary simple motifs and abstract forms, while some of the artworks have a symbolic character and, in a way, visualize personal experiences of the artist.

The symposiums for instance are functioning as models of iron artworks, religious candles, human figures or a group attending a banquet.