2012 present   Studio artwork

Stripes acrylic on canvas

2014 present   Studio artwork

Knitting colors acrylic on canvas

2014 present   Studio artwork

Nudes  digital drawings

2012 present   Studio artwork

Squares & Stripes acrylic on paper

1987 MASS Art

Four Seasons acrylic on canvas

1998 Studio artwork

Landscape acrylic on canvas

1996 Studio artwork

Artwork #24 acrylic on paper

1984 MASS Art

Bathers pastel & acrylic on paper

1993 Studio artwork

Red #6 acrylic on canvas

1991 Studio artwork

Last supper acrylic on canvas


2018 present  Studio artwork

Torsos acrylic on canvas

1995 Studio artwork

Sea scape acrylic on paper

1982 Studio Artwork

Figurative work acrylic on canvas

1986 MASS Art

Figurative Portrait acrylic on canvas

1994 Studio artwork

Artwork #12   acrylic & ink on paper

1985 MASS Art

Portrait acrylic on canvas

2002/10 Studio artwork

Torso acrylic on paper


2018 present  Studio artwork

Gilding waste  mixed media

1990 Studio artwork

Lovers by the beach acrylic on canvas

2012 present  Studio artwork

The Creatures acrylic on paper/canvas

2010  Studio artwork

Nude figures acrylic on canvas

2010/16 Studio artwork

Mythology acrylic on canvas

2012 present  Studio artwork

Abstract collage acrylic on paper

2014 present Studio artwork

Landscapes acrylic on canvas

2016 present   Studio artwork

Creatures   3D Acrylic plaster

1988 MASS Art

Figurative artwork acrylic on canvas

1992 Studio artwork

Sunflower acrylic on canvas

2016 present Studio artwork

Flora  mixed media on canvas

1983 MASS  Art 

Figurative work pastel on paper

2010/20 Studio artwork

Squares & Stripes acrylic on canvas

2005/10   Studio artwork

Bathers acrylic and pen on paper

2016 present Studio artwork

Landscapes acrylic on paper

1981 Studio Artwork

Figurative work acrylic on canvas

1980's & 1990's   Photography

The Greek islands

1989 MASS Art

Reclining figure acrylic on canvas

2020 present   Studio artwork

Zeus cup prototype

All rights reserved  Demetre Sdougas

2014 present  Studio artwork

Dream Ideas  digital colages

2015 present   Studio artwork

Digital  collages

1997 Studio artwork

Nude with mirror acrylic on canvas

2000 Studio artwork

Dreams & Mythology

2016/19  Studio artwork

Classical portraits digital drawings

2017 present   Studio artwork

Photo digital drawings