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Demetre in the mid 80's studied at the Mass College of Art earning his BFA degree with awards. Projects between US and Europe has a profound influence upon his artworks as a filmmaker and photographer the early years. As an artist painting and drawing dominated his free time the later years. The artwork from the early 80's has a structural cubist and orderly constructing form and figures with strong colors and firm brushstrokes. His work is a visual representation of the ideas, thoughts and imaginary, depicting a synthesis of images from dreams, cubist shapes, true abstract shapes and figures. 90's are characterized by abstract figurative forms, themes from ancient classical history and mythology. The new millennium artworks are a mix of colors, shapes and action painting based on colors. The new works are fresh and free, without a specific style an attempt to create a simple dialogue between the viewer and the artwork exploring mixed media. ​Most of the work is acrylic on canvas, pastel and ink on paper and mixed media.

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